Kevin O'Brien
Paintings and Illustrations



Street Racing on Duval


Zoltar Predicts









































































Sunday Muse


Yellow Trump


Washing Dishes


What Happened to the Cat



Dinner at the Consulate



Modeling Session






Waiting Room


Kenny Buffalo #1


Kenny Buffalo #2





Up and Down the I-65



2013 Lafayette



Water Ski


San Diego Crime Scene



Trump and his Cabinet Picks


Dog Trick in New Orleans


Tough Times in Gotham






Toaster Mice



Mardi Gras Bead Stealer


Toffee Bar


 Talking Beer



Hobby Lobby Love

Talking Ear Rings



Rush Limbaugh Bust Made of Manure



Summer Cold

Modern Day Re-enactor


Sky Diving


VW in the Woods

Pullin' the Carpet Out

Dog Hits Man


Garden & Grenade Magazine

Plein Air Painter's Inspiration


St. Patrick's Day



 You're not a regular.


Raining Pork Rhinds


Peanut Brain


Banana Gun Dealer 


Painting Session



Pin Pricked Pig


Orchestra Pit



Hobby Lobby Shopping


Santas vs Rudolphs


Today's New Hair Style



Sports Bar



Biloxi Casino Coffee Shop


Megtron for President


Cliff Hanger



Photo Evolution




Hoosiers Crossing Canadian Border



Mini Pancakes

Hallucination on a Park Bench


Creationism Trolley





Mice Asking for Directions


ManCor Transformation


Man Flying Over Car







Lightning Barbells



Disler's Motorcycle


Magic Lamp


Business Meeting


Imploding TV


Being Invisible


Creation Lounge


Into the Fryi

Into the Frying Pan


Sadisitic 8th grade Football Coach


Control Freak



Bulldozing a Baseball Game


Bossy Bird


Entering Spaceship


Bassoonist Kicking Cellist Ass



Elf Delivering a Message in Shower




Hope in a Disaster




Bassoonists Reenacting Pickett's Charge


Donald and His Power Rangers


Visine Vision


Creating the Creation Museum


Creepy Santa

Creepy Santa


Alien Bassoonist


Bow and Arrow Robber


Anger in the Streets


Re-enactor Shooting Pickup Truck


Imaginary Girl Friend



Hamster Buying Cigs at Circle K


Drawing Session



Museum Crisis Squad


Games People Play


Chasing Aliens Around the World



After X-Mas Vacation




Celebrity Afterlife





My 3rd Grade Teacher


Cat Rat and a Hat


Presenting Mr. & Mr. Santa


Day Jobs


Alien Intelligence to Cat 




Santa having a drink before picking up Krampus


Cake Fight


Racoons Eating Chicken Heads


Wisk Drummer

Bull Pissed Off with Thomas the Train Image


Feast God 


4 Pigs of the Cultural Apocolypse


Electronic Cigarette


Seafood Revenge

Artist Doodling


Drop Kicking Bag



Learning About Hoosier Sports



Artist and His Shrink




Vikings in Evanston


Ancient Aliens Returning to Earth 


Living Room Preacher


Getting the Right Beer


Honk If You Love Jesus

Too Much to Drink


Black Market Kincaids



Alien Convention Cash Bar


Clown Exhibition Docent


Dynamite Fishing a

3 Santas 2017


Puppet Master


Monsanto Boxer


Shark Whisperer


 Boy Scout Farm





Karate Tofu Demo



Raining Pork Rhinds on His Village


Makin' Bacon


Speak the Truth


Lawn Darts


Kiss the Ring


Reenactors Forgaging for Food






Conjoined Painters


Trash Art


Chicken and the Egg




Indian Wannabee and Spirit Guide




Absinthe Drinker with Reenactors


Reenactors at Knife Show


Reenactors Robbing Bank of Montreal



Alien at Bar


Reenactor Inspection


Bird Whisperer


Math Elephant


Football Season is Back


Airliner Dinner Service


Fall of the King


Dropping Urn


Clash of the Titans


Magically Delicious Reenactors


Kincaid Enterprises


Jesus is in the Green Room


Irish Heritage


Hunting Club


Guitar Player


Canadian Pirate


Grilling Veggie Burgers


Bug Pleading for Mercy



Big Screen TV


Best Opened By


Bathroom Politics


24 7


Weight Reducer



Keith's Aura


James Joyce Listening to Bassons


Revenge of the Chickens


Artist Entrance


Honky Tonk Hell


Space Taxi


Free Lighter Gun With a New Account


Pork and Poultry


Choosing an Interior Decorator


Kentucky Fried People




Futile Shoveling



 Conjuring Muses


Fashion Punishment. 



Necromancer and Community Orchestra 



Cleaning the Museum.


Connoisseur Juror



Jupiter Butt



 Toilet Genie



Pigs and Power




The Hate Store



St. James and King Alfonso


Mirror to the Past


 New Orleans Election



 Liquor Store


 Down Low



  Cover Up




 Dating Game


 What you did last summer



 Liquor Store Fire